Shannon O'Connor

"When words fail, music speaks"


Hi! My name is Shannon O’Connor and I am currently a senior at Molloy College. I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Communications and have already completed a minor in Psychology. I will graduate in May of 2014, and hope to begin my career shortly thereafter.

In terms of my career, I hope to obtain a position where I can use my skills in writing, social media, marketing, public relations, and communications. I have taken several new media and professional communications classes that I feel will benefit me in this type of position, and I look forward to utilizing the skills I have learned to contribute to a company’s goals.

Outside of school, I work at my local recreation center as a gymnastics coach, and during my free time,I enjoy playing sports, writing, playing the guitar, and exploring the web.

I hope you enjoy the information about music on this site, and if you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at so’